Trophies and Awards for Hockey Players


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Few sports can rival the speed, precision, brutality and sheer enjoyment of hockey. Being that hockey is considered a contact and physical sport, the end of a season is something that should be celebrated. Wins and losses aside, mere completion of a season is something that deserves an award. 

Most Valuable Player

Just as in any sport, the team's Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is an honor typically given to the best performing player on the team. It is a reward for excellent play during an entire season, or for a particular series of playoff games. Before its introduction into amateur sports, an MVP awards was something only used in the professional ranks. However, today’s MVPs are recognized at end-of-the-year team banquets, where teammates and families come together to celebrate a season of hard work and excellence and hockey trophies are doled out. An MVP gives its recipient a feeling that will be remembered for a lifetime. No matter how good the team, reminding the players that hard work pays off, is a lesson they will take with them off the ice.



In an age where so many people lack integrity and where many youths are exposed to selfish athletes and play, a hockey trophy for leadership is something that should be celebrated. Integrity is a character trait found in all successful leaders. When the time comes to face adversity, a true leader stands up and takes it head on. Whether it is playing through an injury or being down in a big game entering the third period, every player has to navigate obstacles that stand in their way. A burning desire to compete and win is what pushes good players to perform well. Award those players who demonstrate these traits with a hockey trophy of their own. 



Although not an official position on the ice, the enforcer is often an intricate part of the team’s success. Nearly all proven teams have at least one player who keeps things in order on the ice. These enforcers help keep the team’s best player out of harm’s way. It is no secret that a team’s best player is oftentimes targeted.  Because of this, many teams employ a player to keep an eye on the tactics of opposing players. These players should be given trophies and awards for their hard work and dedication to the team. Just as a president needs his secret-service men, so do hockey players. And this type of loyalty and support no doubt deserves a hockey trophy. These players endure much on daily basis and play a role that often times goes un-noticed in box scores. The enforcers are invaluable to a team, and should be rewarded with a hockey trophy for their efforts

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