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Gymnastics is a sport that harmonizes movement, and is often considered an art form. It is also the perfect way to tone, strengthen and discipline the body. Gymnastic events test an athlete’s strength, rhythm, balance, flexibility and agility. For both men and women, gymnastics offers the opportunity to work toward your athletic goals by practicing technique, formulating routines and strengthening the body through training. Below are some of the most popular gymnastic events for both men and women.


Women’s Gymnastics


Uneven Bars: This gymnastics event is a crowd pleaser. It demonstrations the gymnast’s upper body strength, timing and approach. This event is judged on continuous fluid movement without breaks or pauses.


Balancing Beam: The gymnast has to execute a graceful routine including jumps and twist on a beam that is just four inches in width.


Floor Exercises: This event involves the blending of choreographed exercises and music. Versatile use of the floor space to changing direction and levels of movements are the characteristic of a successful floor exercise routine. The event calls for complete body control.


Vault: Scores for this event are awarded on execution and difficulty. The gymnast is judged on flight from the springboard and an unwavering landing.


Men’s Gymnastics


Horizontal Bar: The horizontal or high bar is the perfect man gymnastics event to display a gymnast’s balance, rhythm and strength.


Still Rings: An event involving strength and stamina, the rings remain absolutely still and under complete control as the gymnast demonstrate proper body position and mastery over the rings.


Vault: The athlete approaches the vault and takes off from the springboard with an acrobatic maneuver in the air. A balanced landing ends the performance with flair.


Floor Exercise: The gymnast utilizes a large floor area in this gymnastics event for tumbling and flipping in different directions. Multiple flips, twists and clean landings are the mark of a successful floor exercise routine.


Pommel Horse: This gymnastics event is one of the most difficult, and artistic, of all gymnastic events. Complex hand placements coupled with proper body positions allow a gymnast to effortlessly flow from one swing or tumble to another.


Parallel Bar: Swing and flight are the features of this gymnastics event. The most difficult skills on this gymnastics event require the gymnast to lose sight of the bars for a moment before collecting themselves and remaining on one of the two horizontal bars.


For each event, trophies and plaques are available to help celebrate successes and award the hard work and dedication of the athlete. A sport that requires a disciplined mind and body, gymnastic trophies provide the athlete with a tangible award in which they can cherish for a lifetime. Specialized trophies with statuettes and an assortment of colors and designs are available for the athletes. Plaques are also a wonderful way to highlight accomplishments; working to remind the athlete of the hardwork and dedicadtion needed to succeed not only in the gym but also in life. Plaques and trophies can be imprinted with special messages, scores and designs specific to the event. 

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