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January 31
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AD Trophy Blog: Trophies and Awards, Medals, Plaques

Dance Competitions


It is no secret that dance competitions can be an exciting and fun event for those of many different age groups and performance levels. However, they can also be stressful, and worse, unsuccessful. Any number of small details can go wrong and affect the joy that comes with being involved in a dace competition. Below are a few helpful hints to assure your dance completion experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Martial arts is the practice of mind, body and spirit. Presented in an assortment of disciplines including karate, aikido, judo, kung fu and tae kwon do students learn self-discipline and self-defense through daily training. More about learning the body and conditioning the mind, martial arts also teaches students about self-defense through weaponless training. Today, more than 200,000 students countrywide participate in one form of martial arts or another. People choose to study martial arts for a variety of reasons: to acquire self-defense techniques; to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and self-esteem; and to enjoy the artistic expression of the sport.

Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is one of the four most popular games played in the United States (the other three are basketball, football and baseball). Although not as popular in the States as in neighboring Canada, ice hockey has remained an important mainstream sport for decades. Most played in the mid-west and northeast sections of the country, recently, ice hockey has experienced an increase in popularity in warmer sections of the country including California, Texas and Florida. For those unfamiliar with the sport, here is a basic run-down of each position and their roles on the ice.



Gymnastics is a sport that harmonizes movement, and is often considered an art form. It is also the perfect way to tone, strengthen and discipline the body. Gymnastic events test an athlete’s strength, rhythm, balance, flexibility and agility. For both men and women, gymnastics offers the opportunity to work toward your athletic goals by practicing technique, formulating routines and strengthening the body through training. Below are some of the most popular gymnastic events for both men and women.

Few sports can rival the speed, precision, brutality and sheer enjoyment of hockey. Being that hockey is considered a contact and physical sport, the end of a season is something that should be celebrated. Wins and losses aside, mere completion of a season is something that deserves an award. 

Dance Awards


Tagged in: dance awards

Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of self-expression. In recent years, its popularity has grown tremendously. Dancing is not just a hobby, but can also be a lucrative and legitimate profession.  The different types of dances and dance styles that are prevalent all over the world are an indication of the popularity of dance. One way of awarding those for their dedication to the craft and encouraging them to advance, is by offering dance awards.

Martial Arts Trophies


Martial arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of combat. Martial arts all have similar objectives: mental stability, physically defeating an opponent or defending oneself or others from physical threat. Some martial arts take a great deal of their underlying theory from beliefs systems, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Many martial arts are also practiced competitively, most commonly as combat sports. Some competitions may also take the form of a "forms competition," where Martial arts trophies are awarded. 

Weather you are a coach or a parent (or both), when looking to shop for soccer trophies for your league or recreational team you will find yourself presented with an endless number of choices. Below you will find a few tips that will help save you time and money when ordering.

Keep in mind, there is a wide variety of soccer trophies to choose from. Styles change from company to company – as will price. Soccer trophies come in classic resin, plastic trophies, plaque style, embroidered and even newer designs such as “bobble heads” and other moving trophies. These moving-part trophies are great for kids, and although they may cost a bit extra, it may be worth it to see the excitement in the kids’ faces.

Being a good baseball coach requires more than just the knowledge of the game and a winning mentality. As a coach it is your responsibility to recognize the accomplishments of the team and the individual. Of course, the end of the season is the best time to do it. Take the opportunity to have a gathering with the team, parents, sponsors and everyone involved, and reflect on the successes and achievements of your team and players over the course of the season. Not every team will be able to pass out championship baseball trophies but you can still take the time to award hard work and dedication.

The season is winding down. It has been a blast and now it’s time to award those involved in making the season memorable. It is now time to pass out basketball trophies, enjoy soda and snacks and reminisce about the season’s high points. There are a few important details to keep in mind to assure everything runs smoothly at your post-season party and award ceremony. Here are a few tips for setting up the end-of-season event.

Football Awards


Football is the ultimate team sport. Every year, when the season ends, it is fun to get the team, parents, coaches, personnel and sponsors together for an award ceremony. This is the time to pass out football trophies, recognize accomplishments and celebrate your team’s successes. Of course, the more people you can involve, the better (especially when dealing with younger age groups). Here are a few ideas of specialized individual football trophies that can be given out during the post-season celebration.

This spring, the National Baseball League will swing into their 110th consecutive season on Sunday, April 4th 2010 showcasing the most anticipated and arguably greatest all time ever top rivals, the New York Yankees, (home team of world renowned catcher ‘Yogi’ Berra) hosted by the Boston Red Sox at one of the oldest American classic stadiums, Fenway Park. For the first time since 1950, the Red Sox will not only open but will also close the season against their most coveted rivals. And right around the corner in July will be the All Star games held at Annaheim Stadium in Annaheim, California which will decide the home field for the World Series best of seven games. It definately seems that the heat and hotspots are on for baseball fans across the nation this 2010 season. And, along with the many games to come will be the highly deserved baseball trophies and awards as well.

Watch out for the up and coming 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer trophy to be hosted for the first time in South Africa. This 19th tournament will take place between June 11 to July 11th with the US opening the tournament on June 12th against England in Rustenburg and following against Slovenia in Johhanesburg on the 18th and wrapping it up against Algeria in Tshwane/ Pretoria on the 23rd. However, before heading off for the World Cup in SA, the US Men’s National Team will have to face Turkey and the Czech Republic for the Send Off Series. The game against Czech Republic will be at a site yet to be determined while the tournament against Turkey will take place on May 29th in Philadelphia. According to U.S. head coach, Bob Bradley, the Send Off Series games provides a ‘great opportunity to fine tune US plans and test against some of the better teams in Europe before the  matches in South Africa’.

The International Olympic Committee will host the new Youth Olympic Games in Singapore August 14-26 . The event will invite 3600 young athletes, ages fourteen to eighteen and from twenty six different sports to compete for Olympic medals and wrestling trophies. The Games will be held every four years in Winter and Summer events in tandem with the current Olympic Games. One of the sports to be featured is youth wrestling. Fourteen different classes will be divided as five weight classes in men’s freestyle, five in Greco-Roman and four weight classes in women’s freestyle. Greco-Roman wrestling is a style of wrestling that is practiced worldwide. It differs from freestyle wrestling in that it forbids holds below the waist. Both styles have been included in Summer Olympics held since 1908.

Awards and trophies run the gamut when it comes to the sport of hockey. With the NHL hockey season in the final game series, these hockey trophies and awards will be the highlight of the events. Even if you are not a hockey sports fan it’s probable that you’ve at least heard of the Stanly Cup Award. For a little background, the Cup was initially a donation trophy given to honor the best amateur hockey team in Canada, where this sport more or less governs even today. In 1982, it was donated by Lord Stanley of Preston, Canada’s Governor General at the time. The Cup has been won by the Montreal Canadian’s for a record of 23 times including the pre NHL period. This record was far followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs. In more recent times the winning of this award has made some of the most exciting highlights in the American news and media especially the 1993-94 Stanley Cup winning by the New York Rangers. Last year’s Cup winning trumpeted the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are returning again this 2009-10 season, over the Detroit Red Wings.

Olympic Games 2010 Medals


Tagged in: olympic games , medals , gold medals

The medals won at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic this year have rolled in and, as expected, have created quite some excitement. For the U.S., Olympic medal making news this year highlights winners such as Evan Lysacek, winning the Gold medal in men’s figure skating. This is a big achievement for the U.S. as the former and quite intimidating Russian gold medalist, Evgeni Plushenko, has seemed to eye and own the Gold medal hands down. After all, he won the Gold medal at the 2006 Games and the Silver medal at the former 2002 Games. In addition to that, he is a three time World Champion, a six time European Champion, a four time Grand Prix Final Champion and eight- time Russian National Champion! The news is that Russia is ‘outraged’ over his loss, believing that Lysacek stole the Gold from Plushenko as a result of poor judging.

For the first time since 1960 Olympic gold pairs figure skating medals did not go to Russians. The first place at the Olympics in Vancouver took the couple from China - Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. They scored 216.57 points. In second place another Chinese couple - Pang Qing and TONG Jian with a result of 213.31 points. Bronze with representatives of Germany - Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy (210.60).

Lionel Messi and Barcelona were the definite winners of World Soccer's 2009 Awards, triumphing in three out of four categories: World Player, Team and Manager of the Year awards. Messi is the first Argentinian to win World Soccer's World Player award since Diego Maradona in 1986. And Barcelona dominated this year's soccer awards -- he Spanish team not only played winning soccer they also played one of the most entertaining brands ever seen. The fast paced game was played  by some of the best players in the modern day game as Barcelona returned to the side of glory after many years of failure in both Spain and Europe.

In the world of sports the big questions are surprisingly immediate and simple. What team? What player? Which coach? Basically, who will win and who will lose? Who will upstage a champion and who will become the next legacy? Who will walk away with the most prestigious award or trophy? Perhaps one of the biggest arenas for such questions to circulate is that of basketball. Once again, basketball fans of all ages nationwide are anticipating the heat of the basketball season on the high school, college and professional levels. Key upcoming tournaments and events such as the annual March Madness season and the Naismith Trophy presentations for college and high school basketball are examples of occasions that will yield numerous answers to these much anticipated questions. The answers will be numerous because in today’s basketball scene, many wins will happen, yet few legacies will be made.

In a day and age where the presentation of trophy awards are as frequent and common as the weekly winnings of the pick five lottery, it is not unreasonable to wonder if the history of the trophy and its tradition may be forgotten. Weekly, if not daily, a simple click of a television will broadcast awards given and received, nominations made and winnings and titles earned or lost. Most recently in January, the Peoples Choice Awards flooded our televisions, computers, radios and smart phones. How many of the newly designed trophies were presented to the likes such Jonny Depp, Sandra Bullock, and Keith Urban, to name a few. In November, the media highlighted the trophy winning of basketball wonder boy, Kobe Bryant, for Most Valuable Player of the season and Finals. And, in December most of us, football fans or not caught glimpse of the 75th Heisman Memorial Trophy award given to Mark Ingram for Most Outstanding College Football Player of the 2009 season.


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